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Olivia Palermo’s fall 2017

Be your own Valentine

Fashion #Trending 2017Be your own Valentine! Valentines day comes as a whirlpool of love-mood setting decoration and gifts that are meant to show our passion to the other significant… It is indeed an insistent opportunity in our lives to remind our close relations that we love and care deeply for them. Unfortunately, it could be a glaring day of loneliness to…

Bohemian Glam

BOHEMIAN-GLAM As we move into the future with an eye on modern aesthetics, we also keep an air of nostalgia; this mood demonstrates a touch of 70 ‘s -80’ s-glam featuring strong silhouettes using elements like wide shoulder pads, flared sleeves or pants and also rich hippy inspired flowers or macro colorful checks. "Flower power and Checks mix" PATTERN SELECTION…

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