Be your own Valentine
Olivia Palermo’s fall 2017
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Be your own Valentine!

Valentines day comes as a whirlpool of love-mood setting decoration and gifts that are meant to show our passion to the other significant…

It is indeed an insistent opportunity in our lives to remind our close relations that we love and care deeply for them. Unfortunately, it could be a glaring day of loneliness to those who may feel unloved without a romantic partner…. So in any case, this year, in addition of mechanically set up a day exclusively to please others, take a moment to take care of yourself!

It might be an appropriate time to truly turn inward and show yourself the love and care you need and deserve.

“By loving ME , I love you more”

Anyone at some point can relate to the fact that in the rush of life and duties, they sometimes forget themselves. Self-love is about balance and respect of life. Why love would’ d be a give you offer ALSO for yourself?

SO, should you be married, casually dating, freshly in love or single… you can always indulge yourself and find the outfit that will captive other’s attention.

Be stunning, be in style, be your own Valentine.

S&J selected a couple of items from its collection to celebrate the day and celebrate you.

Red and black are the suggested key colors as PASSION will definitely be driving this day. And black comes as a contrast of mystery, elegance and seduction.

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