Summer Fashion Show
Summer Fashion Show
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S&J on stage for Guangzhou Fashion Week

Is was an honor for SmartandJoy to be one of the few brands selected to exhibit on Guangzhou Tower ‘s runway.

A unique location to celebrate the opening of Fashion Week and strong High-End designers’ studios development over the city.

As Chinese fashion scene evolves quickly and tends on becoming a pioneer in trend setting, South part of the country is obviously in the run with cities such as Shenzhen, Hong-Kong and Guangzhou.

Style statement and effortless wear

A wonderful greeting was made to S&J summer line show. The audience much appreciated the lightness and refinement of the sophisticated outfits. “Enough to show of and yet can be worn effortlessly!” mentioned people on the first row. This is indeed one of key point of the brand: a clothing that offers versatility for different occasions but that still make a style statement.

The label took also the show as an occasion to display unique gowns during the finale to demonstrate the craftmanship of its workshop.

Part of the collection is now available online on or even on

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